Two MSc by Research pathways at Middlesex University, London, UK

Middlesex University runs an MSc by Research programme, enabling specific pathways.  The MSc by Research is a one calendar year programme that enables students to develop and pursue a research question.  The MSc can also be done in part time mode.  In effect the MSc by Research can be seen as a mini-PhD.  Students are helped to develop their research interests through bespoke tutorials, seminars and workshops.  They can develop their own line of research with this support, or join existing projects.  Recently two pathways have been developed that will be of interest to the EHBEA community.
The MSc in Evolutionary Behavioural Science, led by Professor Tom Dickins (one of the original co-founders of EHBEA) has now been running since October 2016.  This pathway enables students to explore evolutionary theories of behaviour.  The group, spanning the departments of psychology and natural sciences, has expertise in human and non-human primates and birds; but we will consider other taxonomic groups for field based projects too.  More details can be found here:
The MSc in Ecology and Environmental Science led by Professors Lian Lundy and Tom Dickins includes elements of behavioural ecology but it is specifically tied to stakeholder interests. Our main stakeholder is the Corporation of the City of London.  We currently have a list of core research projects to be done at their Epping Forest site. However, students are not tied to this arrangement and other projects can be developed. More details can be found here: