The Royal Institution event – Masters of Science: Chris Stringer

Chris Stringer is one of the world’s foremost paleoanthropologists. He is a founder and most powerful advocate of the leading theory concerning our evolution: Recent African Origin or ‘Out of Africa’. He has worked at The Natural History Museum, London since 1973, collaborating with scientists across all the disciplines of paleoanthropology, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society, with over 200 papers and books to his name.

Join him in conversation with Clive Cookson, Science Editor at the Financial Times, as part of the FT Weekend Magazine’s ‘Masters of Science’ series which showcases the scientists at the forefront of some of the world’s most exciting research.

Chris will talk about the remarkable changes over the last 15 years in palaeontologists’ views of human evolution. A simple story of Hom​o sapiens moving out of Africa about 60,000 years ago to conquer the world has become a complex ebb and flow of different hominins across and between continents.

Date And Time

Mon, 5 August 2019
19:00 – 20:30 BST


The Royal Institution of Great Britain
21 Albemarle Street
United Kingdom