Masters Courses

Hello Students,

Here we compile a list of courses around Europe that offer a Masters in Evolutionary Psychology and related disciplines. We hope this helps you to make a selection. We would urge you to write to us about other courses you think can be added to this list. This may potentially help others to make a selection.

We hope this helps you to make a decision:

Brunel University – Centre for Culture and Evolutionary Psychology

University of Cambridge – MPhil is Social and Developmental Psychology

University of Cambridge – MSc in Human Evolutionary Studies

Durham University – Masters in Evolutionary Anthropology

Newcastle University – Masters in Research in Evolution and Human behaviour

Northumbria University Newcastle – Psychology MRes

Oxford University – Masters courses in Anthropology and Museum Ethnography

Radboud University Nijmegen – Masters in Behavioural science

University of Kent – Masters in Evolution and Human Behaviour

University of Kent – Masters in Social Anthropology and Computing

University of St AndrewsMSc in Evolutionary and Comparative Psychology

University of Glasgow – Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology

University of Bristol –  School of Experimental Psychology

University College London – Masters in Anthropology

University College London – Masters in Social Cognition: Research and applications

University of Edinburgh – Masters in the Evolution of Language and Cognition

University of Liverpool – Masters in Paleoanthropology

University of Helsinki – Masters in Behavioural and Social sciences

University of Stirling – Masters in Evolutionary Psychology

VU University Amsterdam – Masters in Social and Organizational Psychology

Disclaimer- This list is by no means made to endorse any of the courses mentioned above. We don’t claim any responsibility for the quality of these courses. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and is representative of some of the courses that are offered in English. There are several other courses offered in other languages across Europe.