RECRUITMENT – Research Associate in Cross-Cultural Psychology

The Project

Low-income communities around the globe are experiencing rapid and accelerating increases in access to visual media via the internet and satellite television alongside substantial changes in diet, which put them at ever increasing risk of body dissatisfaction, eating disorders and related pathologies.  And yet, there is no evidence base demonstrating the best means of preventing these becoming entrenched.  There is thus an urgent need to develop body-image resilience education suitable for communities experiencing novel exposure to globalisation.  The current project takes the first steps in developing such a program in rural Nicaragua, and will build an international and multi-disciplinary research network across three continents to gather crucial data in determining the likely viability of this program in multiple research sites.

Applicants can learn more about our previous work in Nicaragua here:

The Role

Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Cross-Cultural Psychology. The candidate will run a pilot trial of a school-based media-literacy and body-positive intervention in remote communities on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, and will support the PI and collaborators in collating and analysing survey and qualitative data from three additional countries.

Closing date:                                    04 September 2019 at 12.00 Noon