PhD Studentships: Psychology of Inequality

The Centre for Culture & Evolution at Brunel University London is offering three linked PhD funded studentships as part of a network that will bring together Evolutionary and Cross-Cultural Psychologists to investigate individuals’ responses to, and attitudes towards, various forms of inequality that people encounter in their lives.

Based in the College of Health and Life Sciences, all three studentships will be funded by Brunel University London. Each studentship will offer an annual London rate stipend of £16,296 plus Home/EU tuition fees, for a maximum of 36 months. Start date is 1st October 2016.

PhD Studentship 1 – “Psychological responses to inequality” will involve using both epidemiological methods and laboratory experiments to examine, from an evolutionary perspective, the psychological and behavioural consequences of socioeconomic inequality. Supervised by Dr Nicholas Pound, Dr Andrew Clark & Dr Stanley Gaines.

PhD Studentship 2 – “Cultural influences on gender inequality within relationships” will involve using cultural priming techniques, longitudinal diary methods, and cross-sectional surveys to examine cultural influences on attitudes towards inequality at the interpersonal level (primarily within close romantic relationships). Supervised by Dr Tara Marshall, Dr Toshie Imada & Dr Achim Schützwohl.

PhD Studentship 3 – “Religiosity as a response to inequality” will involve using cross-cultural surveys, priming techniques and experimental interventions to examine associations between inequality and religiosity – specifically how religiosity and fatalism may emerge as psychological responses to experiences associated with socioeconomic inequality. Supervised by Dr Michael Price, Dr Isabel Scott & Dr Jacques Launay.

More details, and information on how to apply, can be found here…

Application deadline: Noon 8th July 2016.