Job Ad: Research assistant or (external) PhD candidate at Leiden University

The section Cognitive Psychology of the institute of Psychology of the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences is looking for a

Research assistant or (external) PhD candidate 

Project description
The applicant will carry out research for the project “Visual signs as cognitive tools: Phylogeny and ontogeny”, funded by the John Templeton Foundation. This project studies the evolution of human symbolic cogniton over the past half a million years by analysing potentially phylogenetically shared and unique features of symbol perception and production, and their development in ontogeny. The project implements an interdisciplinary approach informed by cognitive archaeology, comparative, and developmental psychology. The study of the archaeological component is carried out by the Principal Investigator (Dr Larissa Mendoza Straffon). The position is hosted by the Comparative Psychology and Affective Neuroscience Lab (CoPAN), led by Dr Mariska Kret, and financed by a John Templeton Foundation grant to Dr Larissa Mendoza Straffon. For more information about the project please go to our website.

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