Javea Workshop on Social and Evolutionary Psychology

Social Psychology and Evolutionary Psychology: Integration and Progress

Dates: 26th of March (arrival and welcome dinner) till 28th of March 2020 (final dinner with live music). This is a couple of days before the EHBEA conference in Krakow, Poland. There are many direct flights to Alicante, the airport closest to Javea.

Organizing universities: University of Groningen, Arizona State University and University of Valencia

Number of participants: minimally 15, maximally 20

Scientific committee:

Vaughn Becker, Arizona State University, USA

Abraham P. Buunk, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Robin Dunbar, University of Oxford, UK

Douglas T. Kenrick, Arizona State University, USA

Karlijn Massar, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Ferran Suay i Lerma, University of Valencia, Spain


Local organizer: Abraham P. Buunk, a.p.buunk@rug.nl

Participants: A maximum of 20 people, with a balance will between junior and senior scholars, men and women, North Americans and Europeans, and evolutionary and social psychologists.

Location: Hotel Costamar, Javea, Province of Alicante, Spain. http://hotelcostamarjavea.es/

This decent and clean hotel is located a few metres from the beach in the old port of Javea. The city of Javea has a characteristic old town, with narrow streets and tosca stone buildings, a spectacular coast line, and a relatively unspoiled, beautiful inland with canyons, mountains and quaint little villages.

Registration fee: € 150,-. This includes three dinners in various restaurants, drinks, a guided tour through the old town of Javea, a social event with paella and live Cuban music, and a down payment for the hotel.

Hotel rates: We can happily just benefit from the low season rates. For the workshop, one needs three nights. Rates per night:

Single room: without sea view € 35, with sea view € 40,- (limited availability)

Double room: without sea view € 60, with sea view € 65,-, and with sea view and balcony € 70,-

Some participants may be booked in another hotel, a minute walking distance away.

Hotel rooms should be booked through Abraham Buunk.


Nearly 110 years ago, what may be considered as the first textbook in evolutionary psychology was published by William McDougall with the title An introduction to social psychology (1908). While over the years adaptionist approaches gradually disappeared from social psychology, these are now making a comeback. However, although currently more than before in social psychology reference is made to the potential evolutionary background of social behavior and cognition, in many mainstream textbooks in social psychology much relevant evolutionary work is ignored. At the same time, in evolutionary psychology often no attention is paid to relevant work in social psychology, for example on mate selection, person perception, altruism, aggression, sex differences, intergroup conflict, ostracism, and leadership. The goal of this workshop is to promote the integration between social psychology and evolutionary psychology, and to examine the progress that has made in this respect over the past years. The focus will be on evolutionary explanations of many well-established effects and theories in social psychology as well as on the potential contributions of mainstream social psychology to insight into the adaptive functions of human behavior. Each speaker will have 25 minutes for his or her presentation, with 15 minutes of discussion.


The workshop is in principle open to all interested scholars.

Abstracts of 100 words that fit the goals of the workshop can be submitted no later than December 1st  2019 to Abraham Buunk, a.p.buunk@rug.nl.

No later than January 15th, participants will be informed whether or not their paper is accepted, and will receive travel information.