EHBEA was established in 2008 following successful annual EHBE conferences dating back to 2006. See the EHBEA Constitution or the History of EHBEA for full details on the society.

The EHBEA Steering Committee is calling for nominations for the following open committee positions for 2016-2019. You are invited to nominate one or more candidates. Please use a separate copy of the EHBEA 2016 Committee Nomination Form for each person you wish to nominate. Once nominations are collated all members will be given the opportunity to vote. Elected candidates will take up their duties immediately following the 2016 EHBEA conference.

Enquiries about EHBEA membership should be directed to Dr Michael Stirrat, EHBEA Treasurer ( Other enquiries may go to Dr Tamsin Saxton, the EHBEA Secretary (

EHBEA is a registered charity in England and Wales, no. 1154585.

EHBEA Committee

EHBEA Ambassadors

  • Austria: Karl Grammer, University of Vienna, Department of Anthropology
  • Belgium: Charlotte De Backer, University of Antwerp, Department of Communication Sciences
  • Czech Republic: Jan Havlicek, Charles University, Department of Zoology
  • Denmark: Lene Aaroe, University of Aarhus, Department of Political Science and Government
  • Estonia: Indrikis Krams, University of Tartu · Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences
  • Finland: Marcus Rantalla, University of Turku, Department of Biology
  • France: Michel Raymond, University of Montpellier 2, Institute of Evolutionary Science
  • Germany: Lars Penke, University of Göttingen, Institute Psychology
  • Hungary: Tamas Berezckei, Pecs University, Institute of Psychology
  • Latvia: Tatjana Krama, University of Daugavpils, Institute of Systematic Biology
  • Netherlands: Thomas V. Pollet, VU University Amsterdam, Department of Social and Organizational Psychology
  • Poland: Boguslaw Pawlowski, Wroclaw University, Dept. of Human Biology
  • Russia: Marina Butovskaya, Russian Academy of Science, Insitute for Ethnology and Anthropology
  • Slovakia: Pavol Prokop, University of Trnava, Department of Biology
  • Sweden: Magnus Enquist, Stockholm University, Centre for the study of cultural evolution
  • Switzerland: Janek Lobmaier, University of Bern, Department of Psychology 



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