EHBEA can provide funding to support workshops and meetings to promote understanding of evolution and human behaviour, facilitate research collaborations, and further research. We especially encourage applicants for workshops that may foster links between EHBEA and other European academic societies. Students organising workshops are also encouraged to apply for the workshop grants. The EHBEA committee considers applications for workshop funding once a year. The deadline each year for submitting a funding proposal is 1st August at 5pm (GMT). Please complete this EHBEA workshop grant application form and email it to the EHBEA Secretary.

EHBEA has previously funded the following workshops:

  • Young Social Learning Researchers (YSLR) Workshop (University of St Andrews, UK) 21-22 June 2018
  • The EvoBugs Workshop: How human behaviour impacts the evolution of pathogens and vice versa (University of Oxford, UK) 16 November 2017
  • Advanced research methods for the study of cultural evolution (Human Behaviour and Cultural Evolution Group, UK) 16-17 November 2017
  • Evolutionary based studies of human biology, ecology and behaviour – workshop on research tools (Jagiellonian University, Poland) 19 September 2017
  • Evidence of Animal Minds: An interdisciplinary symposium (Durham University, UK) 18-20 April 2016
  • North-East Evolutionary Psychology Conference (Northumbria University, UK) 18 June 2015 (report)
  • Evolutionary Developmental Biology: Current Debates (EHBEA conference satellite meeting) (University of Helsinki, Finland) 28 March 2015 (report)
  • Perspectives on Cooperative Behaviour in Humans workshop (University College London, UK) 9 January 2015 (report)
  • The Nordic Evolutionary Psychology Meeting (Lammi Biological Station, Finland) 12-14 September, 2014 (report)
  • From DNA to Social Minds conference (University of York, UK) 30 June – 1 July, 2014 (report)
  • The Nordic Evolutionary Psychology Meeting (University of Turku, Finland) 13-14 September, 2012 (report)
  • Diversity and Integration in Scottish Psychology and Evolution Research (University of Stirling, UK) 7 February, 2012 (report)
  • Applied Evolutionary Anthropology: Darwinian Approaches to Contemporary World Issues (University of Bristol, UK) 14-16 September 2011 (report)
  • Contemporary Childbearing and Evolutionary Theory (St. John’s College, Oxford, UK) 31 March – 1 April, 2011 (report)
  • The Darwinian Renaissance in the Humanities and Social Sciences (Queen Mary, University of London, UK) November 2009 (report)