Committee members required!

EHBEA does these things:

  • finds hosts for the annual EHBEA conference
  • awards the EHBEA New Investigator Award
  • fund workshops and student grants
  • act as info forum for the EHB research community in Europe
  • other useful things

In order to do these things EHBEA needs a committee. There are four steering committee members and four other committee members. Each committee member is elected for a three-year term.

Two positions are up for election this year, to take up their position in April 2019:

  1. President (SC) (outgoing: Ruth Mace)
  2. Secretary (SC) (outgoing: Ian Rickard)

Please do consider standing for one of these positions if you would like to support your society and have a say in its future directions. Or why not ask someone else if they have considered standing? You could nominate them. Either way, hard-working and dedicated people are needed to help EHBEA work and grow into the future, and perhaps you or someone you know could be one of them?

The nomination deadline is 30/11. Members have received a nomination form in their email a few weeks ago. If you have joined recently, get in touch to be sent a form. Any questions? Please email Ian on

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!