12 paid Ph.D. positions in new Research Training Group “Understanding Social Relationships“

The Research Training Group RTG 2070 „Understanding Social Relationships“ (Speaker: Prof. Julia Fischer) at the Georg-August-University Göttingen and the German Primate Center Göttingen offers positions for 12 Ph.D. candidates beginning on October 1st, 2015. The salary is in accordance with the German public service salary scale (E13 TV-L) with 65% of the regular working hours (currently 25.87 hours per week) for up to three years. The scientific disciplines involved in the RTG are Behavioral and Cognitive Biology, Psychology, and (Psycho-)Linguistics.

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Polish Society for Human and Evolution Studies Conference

The Polish Society for Human and Evolution Studies Conference (PTNCE2015) will take place in Poznan, Poland, in September. The plenary speakers will be four outstanding scientists (from the UK, France, Austria and Germany) representing different evolutionary disciplines (paleonathropology, evolutionary psychology, evolutionary biology (cognition) and bioinformatics (molecular evolution). More information is available on the conference website.

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Evolutionary Psychology & Primatology in the Low Countries

The Cognition, Behavior and Evolution Network  unites scholars working in the fields of evolutionary psychology, behavioral ecology, human biology, primatology, and cultural evolution. CBEN organizes a conference next month, “Evolutionary Psychology & Primatology in the Low Countries”, which will be held in Amsterdam on April 16th and April 17th. More information about CBEN and its conference can be found at our new website http://www.cognitionbehaviorevolution.nl.

Job openings for 2 Assistant Professorships Social and Organizational Psychology VU University Amsterdam; deadline 13 February 2015

Two Assistant Professors in Social and/or Organizational Psychology

(Twee Universitaire Docenten in Sociale en/of Organisatie Psychologie m/v)

Two positions for 1.0 fte, 3 years fixed term

Vacancy number 15004

The VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is one of the leading institutions for higher education in Europe and aims to be inspiring, innovative, and committed to societal welfare. It compromises twelve faculties and has teaching facilities for 20,000 students.

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Call For Submission: Human Behavior and Evolution Society Conference, May 27-30, Columbia, Missouri

Please consider submitting an abstract for a poster, presentation, or organized symposium to the 27th Human Behavior and Evolution Society (HBES) Conference. HBES is the premier international organization for the study of evolution and human behavior. The membership includes researchers from a range of disciplines in the social, behavioral, and biological sciences. HBES publishes the journal Evolution and Human Behavior and holds an annual conference.

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Darwinizing Culture: PhD Studentship & Postdoc

Vacancies for project “Darwinizing culture: the status of cultural evolutionary theory as a science”

*   1 PhD Studentship (4 years; 1 fte)
*   1 Postdoc (4 years; 0.75 – 1.0 fte)

For the VIDI programme “Darwinizing culture: the status of cultural evolutionary theory as a science” led by Krist Vaesen, the department Philosophy & Ethics of Eindhoven University of Technology invites applications both for a fully funded PhD Studentship and for a four-year Postdoc to start in March 2015 or shortly thereafter. The programme is carried out in close collaboration with the Human Origins Group, Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University.

A Critical Moment: Sex/Gender Research at the Intersection of Culture, Brain, & Behavior

6th FPR-UCLA Interdisciplinary Conference
October 23-24, 2015, UCLA

This conference occurs at a critical juncture in sex/gender research in neuroscience, anthropology, psychology, and related disciplines. New theories are utilizing a conception of the brain as dynamic, plastic, and adaptable, and of sex/gender brain and behavioral differences as subject to the influence of a broad range of biological, cultural, and social or environmental factors.

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European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association