Student Research Grants

EHBEA’s Student Research Grant competition is currently running annually each Spring. The aim is to provide student members of the Association with funds to conduct a specific research project that complements the academic aims of the Association. EHBEA will only support the highest quality applications from our current student members. The maximum award per grant is 500 Euros. Funds could be requested for participant payments, travel to field sites, or other research costs.

Grant applications will be assessed on the basis of scientific quality, project feasibility and the applicants’ track record and potential. The Early Career Officer and at least one blind reviewer will first review applications following the criteria in the evaluation form, after which the committee will make the final decision. As part of efforts to increase diversity among EHBEA scholars, contextual factors may be taken into account in the committee’s decisions. When deciding among top-ranked candidates, the committee may take into consideration factors such as (but not limited to) discipline, research topic, nationality and gender of applicants. Preference may also be given to applications where EHBEA’s funding would cover the entire costs of the project or where any shortfall is clearly accounted for by other funding sources. In addition to completing the application form, applicants must ask a suitable referee to provide a Letter of Support before the application deadline.

Grant deadlines will fall in March each year. Next Deadline: March 2021 (TBC)

To apply for the grant, a completed application form and Letter of Support should be emailed to the EHBEA Early Career Officer by 5pm (GMT) on the relevant date. Applicants must be pursuing post-graduate research degrees and be members of EHBEA in order to be eligible to apply.

Please contact the EHBEA Early Career Officer if you have any questions.

EHBEA has previously funded the following projects:

March 2020

Sex on the mind? Testing whether intuitive biases underly male sexual overperception – Aysha Bellamy (Abstract)

Bone Retouchers: First evidence for “recycling” in human history – Eva Martellotta (Abstract)

March 2019

Testing the costly signalling theory of pilgrimage – Radim Chvaja (Abstract)

Testing proximate accounts of tag-based cooperation – Gabriel Hudson (Abstract)

August 2018

The impact of intercultural contact on pictorial style – The case of Aboriginal rock
art – Carmen Granito

Disgust sensitivity in relation to phases of menstrual cycle and progesterone levels – Karolina Miłkowska

March 2018

Determinants of partner choice and ostracism: an experimental analysis – Sarah Peacey (Abstract)

Ecological Predictors of the Sexual Double Standard – Naomi Muggleton (Abstract)

How similar is too similar? Self-similarity and disgust in young women – Amy Newman (Abstract)

August 2015

Dismantling the spandrels of Santa Barbara – Fabian Probst (abstract)

Investigating error management strategies in cooperation – Jolene Tan (abstract)

March 2015

Domain-dependent decision processes – Jana Jarecki (abstract)

Investigating the vigilance hypothesis in bonobos (Pan paniscus): yawning after post-conflict reconciliation and consolation – Evy van Berlo (abstract)

Difficult Decisions: Rural livelihoods, child work and parental investment in education in northern Tanzania – Sophie Hedges (abstract)

Controlled experiment of untipped wooden thrusting spears on animal carcasses: wounding potential, hunting lesions and use – wear to weapons – Annemieke Milks (abstract)

August 2014

Sex Differences in Confidence and Conformity on a Novel Mental Rotation Task – Charlotte Brand (abstract)

March 2014

Hannah Ryder (abstract)

Effects of city-living and upbringing on pro-social behaviour – Elena Zwirner (abstract)

The effects of dietary supplementation on facial appearance and health – Yong Zhi Foo

August 2013

Can mortality/morbidity awareness determine abortion attitudes? Two controlled psychological experiments – Sandra Virgo

Prejudice under pressure – Alex Salam